The company’s engineers developed an automated software and hardware complex, a modular device that allows to produce a variety of terminals: payment, information, advertising, entertainment, self-service, control, management and entry-exit registration (ACS).

Due to the modular design, the system allows you to flexibly configure the device for the customer’s tasks: choose the display diagonal, input-output interface, bill acceptor, contact and contactless card reader, and other peripheral devices. Also implemented possibility of choosing a communication system and choosing carriers for operation is

A wide range of modules and our professional support makes possible use of ready-made cabinet designs: from children’s entertainment tables to anti-vandal all-weather units.

The implementation of the device is a system for compensating the inclination of a geodetic pole based on an inertial measuring device.

The solution is designed for high-precision measurements during construction, road, geodetic, cadastral, mine surveying and other works.

The GNSS receiver receives corrections over the air or directly from the satellite and compensates for errors in the event of inaccurate instrument installation. Communication with satellite systems GLONASS, GPS, Galileo, BeiDou and SBAS is provided by a 440-channel card.

Protected internal antenna eliminates damage during transport and use. The device provides noise immunity and suppression of the effects of multipath.

The receiver is controlled via a Web interface using a Wi-Fi module. So, special software and drivers are not required to control the geodetic receiver – the connection is made from a device with any operating system.

The function of automatic data export when connecting a USB-drive allows you to transfer information from the device’s memory without additional controllers or a PC.

The receiver body is made of impact-resistant plastic, which can withstand a fall of the device from a 2 meters height onto concrete. Compliance with the IP67 standard protects the device from water ingress even after it is immersed to a depth of 1 meter.

Main characteristics:

  • RTK accuracy in plan +10 mm / min.
  • Positioning frequency 2, 5, 10 Hz.
  • USB, RS232, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi-interfaces for communication with the controller and -control from a PC.
  • Built-in 4GB memory will help you store large projects.
  • A battery with a capacity of 4 Ah provides continuous operation for 6 hours.

Advantages of GNSS-receiver NPO Optical Solutions

  • Rugged body, withstands a drop on concrete from a height of two meters;
  • The need for authorization (guarantee against unauthorized use or theft);
  • High functionality;
  • Universality of use;
  • Can be immersed in water for a short time;
  • Light and sound signaling modes;
  • Multiple power connection options;
  • Easy to set up, work.

The video mixer is designed for operation in live TV installations and TV production. Depending on model, the mixer has capacity of 4, 8 or 16 inputs. The device is capable of multi-screen image monitoring, positioning, glancing, scaling and rotating, picture-in-picture, with resolution up to 4K@60.

Interface capabilities (HD/SD-SDI, DVI-A/DVI-D/HDMI, RGB, component, composite-video) provides flexibility in commutation. Two additional channels for static images from USB storage.

Device is capable of range phase and saturation adjustments, captioning, ticketing, logo overlaying, transition effects.

The system is based on waterproof cameras and AI software hosted on x86 embedded computing hardware. Cameras are installed below the water surface level. AI Software analyzes video streams from multiple cameras, recognizes bodies of the swimmers and analyzes their movement. In case of abnormal behavior of the swimmer (the software is trained to recognize drowning movement patterns), the system notifies the lifeguards.

The software is capable of automatic self-calibration to allow optimal operation in different pool setups (depth, lighting, etc.).

The system is based on dashboard-mounted usb-camera connected to x86 computing hardware. Software algorithm analyzes the video stream in real-time and performs recognition of traffic signs, traffic lights and road surface marking

Alghortim performs reliable recognition of all types of traffic signs standardized by Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals, recognition of road marking and states of traffic lights

The solution allows for real-time monitoring of a construction site from anywhere in the world. The solution utilizes rugged hardware (IP cameras and embedded computing hardware with recording/broadcasting software) to ensure reliable operation in any conditions.


  • High quality broadcasting (up to FullHD)
  • Possibility to embed the video feed into a website for advertisement and visual control for end customers
  • Easy access to the video feed through iOS/Android applications
  • Recording to internal storage with cloud back-up
  • Rugged hardware (IP67 class with extended temperature range and impact protection) with uninterrupted power supply
  • Visual monitoring and remote quality control of construction process by specialists of the developer company
  • AI video analytics: accident detection. visual control of presence of protective gear on workers